Ways to view the news

We all like to receive news and information in different ways. We have set up a range of range of different options on how the news is delivered to you in the way you prefer.

I prefer to sit down and relax with a paper copy!

If you prefer  to read off paper you can download and print the weekly news. You can find the latest copy here.

Just email me updates please!

Just sign up for a subscription from the homepage. You will receive a daily email with all the latest headlines.

Can I download the news and read it when I have time?

Yes! There is a weekly PDF which can be downloaded from the website.

Can you deliver the news any other way?

Sure! Just subscribe to our RSS feed at the top of the page.

Can I see the news on my phone?

If you own a smartphone then the answer is yes! You can either view the website via your phone – the website is mobile phone friendly or download an RSS app from the Android Marketplace or Apple Apps. Launch the app and subscribe to our RSS feed.

I prefer another way of reading the news other than the ways listed here.

If your preference isn’t listed, please get in contact with us, and we’ll see if we can help.