New videos for parents talking to teenagers about relationships and sexual health

Warwickshire County Council’s Respect Yourself has launched three new videos to help parents talk to their teenagers about relationships and sexual health

The Respect Yourself programme aims to give young people the power to make positive, informed decisions about their relationships and sexual health. Volunteers help to develop content for the website.The young people who volunteer are vital to making Respect Yourself a success; they give their time freely and are motivated to improve things for others.

Recently, volunteers have turned their attention to improving information in the ‘parent’ section of the website. This includes the three videos:

  • Talking to young people about sexting
  • Talking to your child about sex and relationships
  • What you need to know about child sexual exploitation (CSE)

The tips in the videos include advice such as treating questions about sex and relationships seriously, and praising your children for asking you for information. They do not tell parents what they should or shouldn’t do, but are packed with practical information which they may find useful when talking to their children on this subject.

To watch the videos, or find out more information about Respect Yourself, visit:

You can also download the leaflet ‘Talking to your children about relationships and sex’ at: