Ancient Egyptians

A hands on outreach session for Key Stage 2, based at School

Give your class the chance to find out about ancient Egypt through original objects, costume and drama in a day.  Explore the evidence left by Egyptians.

egyptiansThis project is led by a Heritage Education group leader and includes:

  • Investigating and recording original Egyptian objects.
  • Exploring hieroglyphs through making whole body shapes
  • Mystery objects – ask the expert.
  • Being shabti – miming the jobs the ancient Egyptians did.

Session runs all day, and can fit in with school breaks and lunches. The school hall will be required for two hours in the morning and one classroom will be needed in the afternoon. Part of the session uses role play so we recommend that children dress up as archaeologists. eg: sunhat, shorts and brown/khaki shirt. If they could also have one or two of these tools eg: torch, trowel, magnifying glass, soft brush, tape measure, pencil & notepad and spirit level.

Pupils will be able to practise skills in:

  • Chronological understanding – place the Ancient Egyptians in a timeline of history.
  • Change and continuity – explain how we can find out about Ancient Egypt from the material evidence and buildings that have survived to today
  • Religious, ethnic and cultural diversity – discuss the differences in Ancient Egyptian practices and beliefs to ours today
  • Cause and consequence – accurately observe and object in details and make inferences and about the way of life in Ancient Egypt
  • Interpretation – to make inferences from archaeological evidence and select information about life in Ancient Egypt from a range of sources

Key skills covered:

  • Historic enquiry – comparing/contrasting information, identifying and analysing evidence.
  • Use of resources – the project uses a range of historical sources and evidence
For more information or to make a booking contact Heritage Education on 01926 412069 or email