TALKING PARTNERS@ Primary 2 day training course

Spring 2017

Dates:  31st March 2017

7th April 2017

Start Time:  9.30 am

Finish Time: 3:45 pm


Northgate House Conference Centre, Warwick, CV34 4JL


£500 per school  which includes 2 days training for 2 members of staff plus Talking Partners resource pack, training file & lunch

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 What is Talking Partners?

Talking Partners is a structured oral language programme which raises levels of achievement by improving children’s listening and speaking skills. It is an evidence based, targeted, time limited (10 weeks) intervention that can be used with children from EYFS to KS2.

Who is Talking Partners for?

Talking Partners is for pupils who are:

  • Lacking in skills and confidence as speakers and listeners
  • EAL learners
  • SEN
  • SEBD (mild)

Who delivers Talking Partners?

Experienced TAs and HLTAs after receiving 2-days of intensive training to become trained partners. A teacher (also expected to attend the training), is appointed as the school coordinator and monitors the intervention. Partners receive a training pack, which contains full descriptions of activities, frameworks for teaching and assessment materials to support delivery and measure impact.

How is Talking Partners delivered?

Trained partners work with groups of three pupils for twenty five minutes three times a week for ten weeks, using activities that have been specifically designed to support the development of oral language skills required for academic success.

How effective is Talking Partners?

Talking Partners is an evidence based intervention using quantitative and qualitative data to measure impact. One of the assessment tools used is The Renfrew test which provides age levels for information content and grammatical usage.  In line with results recorded in schools in England, Warwickshire schools delivering the Talking Partners programme recorded an average gain of 18 months in 10 weeks in oral language competence. One Warwickshire Y5 pupil’s information age improved by 2.5 years and his grammar usage by a staggering 4 years in 10 weeks.  Another EAL pupil in Y1 made gains of 2 years for information content and 3 years on grammatical usage.

To reserve your place onto a Talking Partners training course please press control and click here  or any queries please